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Pro Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Vacuum

  • BrandsTOBOQ
  • Product Code: 200STV8
  • Reward Points: 125

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Click to Download User Manual Here:

User Manual V1.0

Use this unit for:

1-Transfer of water from point to point Setup (Change Water) Figure:

2-Aquarium Gravel Vacuum Pump (Clean Gravel or Change Water) Figure:

3-Aquarium with Sand Gravel Vacuum (Clean Gravel or Change Water) Figure:

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Ideal For • Transfer of Water from Point to Point with Full Control of Transfer Speed.
• Gravel Cleaner Vacuum Pump.
*Recommended for Small to Medium size tanks.
Model Name TOBOQ 200 Series
Model Number 200STV8
Maximum Flow Rate 6L/Min - 1.58GPM
0.9MPa 70 PSI up to 100 PSI
Self Priming Pump: Yes
Unit Size: • Length: 8 Inches / 20Cm
• Width: 9 Inches / 23Cm
• Height: 3.5 Inches / 9Cm
Technical Details :
Barb Fittings: SS 304 Material OD 8MM / 5/16"
Input / Output Tube Size: ID 8MM / 5/16"
Suction: 4.92ft / 1.5m (vertical height)
Tube Size ID 8MM / 5/16"
Power Features:
Voltage: 12V - 6.0A - 72W
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Included Package:
In The Box * One TOBOQ Vac Pump Model 200STV8
* One AC 12V Power Supply
* One 1ft Power Cord
* 10 ft 8mm Hose
* 3 Pcs of Hose Clamps
* One User Manual
Lead Time
Lead Time Your order will be ship within 2-5 Business Days.

TOBOQ Vacuum Pump Model 200STV8

Pro Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Vacuum Pump

An Aquarium Gravel Cleaner.

A user friendly, professional aquarium gravel vacuum designed and built in USA.

Use the unit for maintaining a clean environment for Aquariums. The unit has an integrated, adjustable electronic control capability from Low to High vacuum power to clean aquariums with light sand to heavy gravel.  The adjustable features make it possible to clean without collecting particles in the system.

This is a one-of-a-kind tool for aquarium lovers in the market.  Customized with a powerful vacuum pump capable of removing, replacing or transferring water for any distance at an adjustable speed.  The unit includes an aquarium gravel cleaner to clean any size, fresh or salt water fish tanks within minutes.

Changing Aquarium Water and Clean Gravel are a hated chore!  Not anymore!

No more time wasted!  No more unsanitary handling and suction of tubes! No more cheap siphons! No more of lifting and dumping of heavy water tanks!  No more mess!

Almost everyone loves to have a beautiful aquarium but reluctant to owning because of the hassle in cleaning and maintenance.  With our newly designed, easy- to-use TOBOQ Vacuum pump all the nuisance is gone.

This IS the only model of its kind in the market - there is no other!


TOBOQ 200ST is a powerful, but remarkably power efficient pump.

  *   Built using a durable, metal housing with a seamless plastic digital display.

  *   Designed with precision quality components for durable quality

  *   Low noise level

  *   Added stability for longer pump life

  *   Low power consumption

  *   New generation, portable DC 12V - 72W, 6L/Min - 1.58GPM, 0.9MPa, 70 PSI to 100 PSI pump

  *   2.5-inch display range of 3-digit LED display from "0" to "100"

  *   Integrated controls for speed adjustment


The unit has a wide range of uses in residential and commercial locations such as:

Scientific and Research Laboratories, Educational Labs, Recreational Vehicles, Campers, Boats, Ponds, Pools and more...Our products let you do things more quickly and conveniently than before, or some things that simply weren't possible before.

Technical Specifications:

Custom made high quality stainless steel fittings

Suction: 4.9ft/1.5m (vertical height)

Material: Engineered Plastic + Pure Copper Motor

Chassis: Durable Plastic and Steel with Adjustable Handles

Drive: Electric

Voltage: DC 12V, 72W

Maximum Current: 6.0A

Maximum Pressure: 0.9MPa

Lift: 13 to 15 ft /4 to 5 meters

Highest Heat Resistance: 131° Fahrenheit / 55° Celsius

Maximum Flow Rate: 6L/Min - 1.58GPM

Approx. Size:

Length: 8 Inches / 20Cm
Width: 9 Inches / 23Cm
Height: 3.5 Inches / 9Cm

Weight: 8.5 lbs / 5 kg

Package Weight: 9 lbs

Package Includes:

One TOBOQ Vac Pump Model 200STV8

One AC 12V Power Supply

One 1-ft Power Cord

10ft 8mm Hose

3 Pcs of Hose Clamps

One User Manual

*Pump Automatic Switch. Pump will be Shut Down when output Flow blocks.

**If this unit is being used as a vacuum to clean tanks,  you must use the Stainless-Steel Micro Irrigation Water Pump Net Filter on Flow-in hose connector to avoid suction of hard particles (rocks, gravel, etc).  Warranty does not cover any damages to the internal pump as a result of hard particles.

Note: This Pump is certified and tested for water only; use with any other liquids is at your risk and not covered under warranty.

WARNING!  NOT for use with flammable liquids.

Warranty Period:  One year from purchase date. Extended warranty is available.

**Patent Pending.**

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