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$1000 Reward

For a limited time, is offering a $1000 reward for the most popular video production.  
We especially would like to receive videos from our product users.  The Reward will go to the producer of the most creative video.
The Reward is applicable for the following products:

Aqua Pumps -  TOBOQ Aquarium Water Transfer Pumps.
Aqua Vacuum - TOBOQ Aquarium Cleaner Vacuum Pumps.

Who Could make a Best Instructors or like a user manual Video Clips will be our Reward Winner.


Reward Terms & Conditions:
1. Buyer or End-User must be over 18 years old.
2. Must Like and Share our Facebook page.
3. Produce a Video clearly explaining the product for viewers.
4. Share your Video on our Facebook page and YouTube.
5. After receiving 250 such videos, the most publicly liked and viewed production will be the chosen winner.
6. The winner must sign an agreement forfeiting the rights to the awarded video. will have permission to use the video online  or on any other advertising source for future use.


We will send Winner A Reward Instructors and Agreements.